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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Learn To Give a Good Erotic Massage with an Escort from Lebanon

When we think of a luxury Lebanon escort we imagine her sculptural body and for that reason, in today's article we will talk about how to enjoy that perfect body and ignite desire as a promise of maximum sexual pleasure that is to come.
Be quiet, to demonstrate your skills as a masseur is not necessary to master ancient techniques, oriental secrets, or similar extravagances. To know how to play the body of a call girl from the agency of Harry as if it were an instrument tuned for pleasure and enjoyment, it is only necessary to be a bit creative in the search of the maximum erotic profit.

To Massage A Luxury Escort, Create The Right Atmosphere.

It is very important to ensure the comfort of your companion before starting the erotic massage. We want to stimulate pleasure without physical problems that could prevent it, right? Light candles, choose a suggestive musical environment and start your strategy. As a precursor of a long night of good sex, the ideal massage will need a preheating, the combination of different intensities in its application and a transition time to frictions ... more specific. Therefore, plan a minimum of planning. We offer you some suggestions.


Heat to Release the Tension of an Escort's Body.

The objective of this technique is to relax the muscles and release accumulated tensions, besides being a great stimulus and an exciting experience. For this, you can start by setting specific candles for Lebanon Escort. It is about candles whose content is made up of essential oils and when the flame is ignited, it melts. With it we are going to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, the candle of essential oils will give off sweet and exciting aromas. On the other hand, when part of the candle has melted, you can spill the oil directly on the body of your escort. Do not fear, the oil is warm, but it does not burn. This, which at first can frighten her, will soon be a source of enjoyment. Especially when you start to spread the oily liquid on your skin.

Movements to Make the Best Escorts Lebanon That Your Escort in Lebanon Has Ever Received
To massage the back of your Lebanon escort you can draw with your hands on her skin circles in opposite directions, you can change the size of the circles, the pressure you exert, etc.
Another interesting massage technique is related to heart-shaped movements. The technique consists of sliding the palms of the hands from the lower part of the back to the cervical and shoulder blades.
Do Not Forget the Feet of Your Escort from Lebanon


The feet, in addition to being a part of the Lebanon Escort with fetishistic connotations, these have a large number of nerve endings. The trick is to distribute the Lebanon Massage oil from the tip of the big toe gently, going through the soles of the feet. At this point you will begin to hear the first exclamations of pleasure. Then you can go slowly up the calves with gentle caresses that gradually will be more involved as they are used in the thighs. From there, to heaven.

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