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Thursday, 10 January 2019

How Many Types Of Fellatio Are There? The Favorites of a Luxury Escort

The oral sex is the best there is preliminary, it is often even more pleasurable penetration. But nevertheless, many women feel aversion and disgust for practicing it. That's why our luxury Lebanon Escort can offer you a fellatio of a movie, because they love to practice oral sex playing with their mouths while they see you explode with pleasure.
In this article we tell you what types of fellatio exist to check if you have tried them all and if not, ask your Lebanon escort to experiment with you.



It is the best known type of fellatio, the classic one. The girl uses her mouth, lips and tongue to play and stimulate the penis. The best thing about this practice is that the fellatio is performed without a condom, so the contact of the penis with the mouth is total, obtaining greater pleasure than if it is done with the condom placed.
The complete French is that the ejaculation ends in the woman's mouth. It is not very common that women usually consent, although our escorts love that the man finishes the "job" where he wants. Included in the face.


Antarctic fellatio consists of achieving ejaculation stimulating the man in the most sensual way possible. For this, the girl should take time to create a relaxed and intimate and awaken the erogenous zones of man. You can slowly caress your legs while whispering close to your penis what you intend to do with it. Fellatio is not as passionate as in French but is delicate and very subtle.


We've all heard about the deep throat, but have we ever experienced it? Many women do not know how to practice it, it causes gagging to insert the penis into the throat. But we assure you that our escorts know some tricks to not have those nausea and are delighted to make a deep throat when you ask for it.

The deep throat provides a more intensified pleasure than a normal fellatio, since the girl introduces up to the testicles in her mouth as much as possible. Our Lebanon Escorts have confessed that one of the best positions to practice the deep throat is with the posture of 69.

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