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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

By Profession: Luxury Lebanon Escort

Many escorts can be seen working in an office and / or attending the university several hours a day. They dress in fashion, visit the beauty salon frequently and some drive a recent model car.
The sex professionals 'high standing' also know discuss current issues with demanding customers who pay up to 3,000 € for a weekend at his company.

Dozens of model companies are engaged in recruiting women whose profile includes studies at the middle or university level, some of which exercise a profession but 'take advantage' of their free time to increase their income.

These young women are identified as Lebanon Escorts.

Literally, this is the English translation of escorts or Lebanon Escort, but in this context the term Anglo refers to sex workers who can be at the height of a client who wants to take them to social events and / or trips.

Some dare to compare them with geisha because they must be beautiful, educated and able to address current issues.

Among the escorts there are secretaries, doctors, teachers, models, executives and sales agents, to name a few professions. In addition to university.

Some girls are at home - or at the university - and when they call they will cover a service. But not only tourists hire high-level companions for hours or days. Public officials even offer air transportation for young women who agree to travel to the departments they visit on their work tours. Among those who usually double the payment, giving the Lebanon Escorts generous tips and all kinds of comforts, there are artists and international athletes who, in general, make brief visits to the country. In most of these cases, the meetings take place in four and five star hotels, with the complicity of the employees of these places who have the instructions to be discreet.
Money, fashion or pleasure?

As for the experience, an escort comments: 'It has not been bad, all the clients have treated me very well'. He adds, also, with mischief, that among his companions many lie to say that they do not experience pleasure during sexual encounters paid. 'It is obvious that one also feels'. Regarding the economic benefits is emphatic to say: 'This money is nothing in a two for three, it is fast money.
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